About Space

It’s our firm conviction that art can change the world. Art can present future, unforeseen scenarios including their consequences and conditions. As such, art functions as society’s unofficial R&D department. Art greatly expands our options for action by stimulating the imagination and opening the mind, making it a truly transformative force. And that is exactly what we need in this day and age of permacrisis that requires radical changes to be made to our thinking and actions.

For art to have its maximum effect, creators must be impeded by as few restrictions as possible. Brutus Space provides room for almost unlimited experimentation at an unprecedented scale.

What applies to business also applies to art: diversity increases the chances of success. So Brutus Space invites a wide range of artists, from emerging talent and local heroes to international art stars. Special attention is paid to ‘artists who do not fit into the traditional museum grid' and artists who deserve attention now, whether they are at the beginning or the end of their careers.

The exhibitors work in all possible media, often combining them. The most important requirement is: being stubborn. And besides that, that artists are in touch with current events and in one way or another concerned with urgent social themes. In addition to the exhibition programme, Brutus Space has a lab where young artists can live and work for a few months. The Brutus Prize draws attention to underexposed talent. And, at Brutus Garden – which organises regular public events – visitors can playfully become acquainted with art, for free.

Supervisory Board

Emily Ansenk

Lex Geerdes

Mariette Dölle

Anoesjka Imambaks

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